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ascom plugin now available

Image Capture with BackyardEOS

Program your session plan and walk away. BackyardEOS delivers on the functionality your need to acheive the results you expect from your Canon DSLR -- bar none.

Seamless Dithering support with the popular freeware guiding software Push Here Dummy (PHD) by Stark Labs.

Integration with the highly acclaimed freeware AstroTortilla for plate solving.

Frame & Focus with BackyardEOS

For camera models with no live view capability, BackyardEOS can still help you. With its loop feature you can start a still image sequence and achieve focus just as fast with the same precision. All the controls you need at your finger tips and simple to use -- bar none.

Live Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) feedback for fast an precise focusing -- every time!

Planetary Imaging with BackyardEOS

Tell BackyardEOS how many frames you want, 100, 500, or even 2000 (or more), and let it rip for a few minutes. It will turn your Canon DSLR camera into an excellent planetary imager -- bar none.

BackyardEOS uses the live view feature of your Canon DSLR to create short AVI movies.

Drift Alignment with BackyardEOS

Turn your Canon DSLR camera into an illuminated eyepiece to achieve perfect polar alignment every time -- bar none.

Confirm your polar alignment without swapping your camera for an illuminated eyepiece and back.

ASCOM Plugin for BackyardEOS

BackyardEOS can do more than just control your Canon DSLR camera -- bar none.

Control your ASCOM compliant focuser device and get more from the software you've come to trust and rely on all night long.